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Anonymous asked: HIIII !


kazmeister asked: HI JOSH. at first i was like junsu69? and then i saw your picture. and then i was like OMG ITS JOSH HI JOSH.

Whutsup? :) 

amxndalx asked: HI JOSSHH (:


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Anonymous asked: do you root? ;)

dayum straight i do ;).

Anonymous asked: HELLOOOOOOO BBY.

hay sexy ;).

toflyoutofcontrol asked: since when did u tumblr again? :L

uhm idk i didn’t even realise you asked me a question BAHAHAH. I’m a fucking genius.

Anonymous asked: SUP BRAH

surp cuz

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I hate when the routine ends.

Where you talk to certain people for days, weeks, months or maybe years on end then all of a sudden it stops. No matter what the cause was you still feel an empty space in your life. Things don’t feel the same.. You aren’t the same.

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toflyoutofcontrol asked: jess says hi

josh says bye ;L